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Today’s renter reacts to a host of stimuli, conscious and unconscious, that can be summed up in one and the same notion: the quest for quality of life. This need corresponds to a concept that is closer to the heart than to reason, which should be called “better living”.

What is the concept of living better in the world of housing?

Being in the right place at the right time in your life. The concept of better living corresponds to a state of inner peace that gives us a feeling of happiness. The one who feels it is in accord with his values, smiles more often, suffers less from stress and depression. Basically, this feeling comes from the balance between his environment and being in the right place at the right time. However, renting a home appeals to this inner feeling in direct connection with the quest for happiness. Today, this search for meaning and inner peace is at the heart of our values ​​and continues to grow. That’s why it’s so important, so strategic, to map the concept of living from the perspective of renting a home. How? By highlighting and compartmentalizing experiences and hints of happiness in an approach that will enlighten the future tenant and influence his choice.

The market innovates and adapts its housing according to a new generation of tenants

The trend is there. Many pensioners and pre-retirees, having spent their active life owning a bungalow or a cottage, look with interest, even covetousness, the possibility of turning the page by changing their way of living and often, their lifestyle. This generational shift creates a shock wave in the ranks of homeowners and homebuilders who need to adapt their products and strategies to this increasingly rental-driven clientele. Their offer is abundant and diverse.

A diversified offer and the choice among different housing scenarios

At the top of the list, the most common is rented housing or condo. It is often identified as a multi-storey tower with elevators, but it is not the only option. The builders also offer townhouses for rent or for single owners who, while wanting to decline, do not want the condo. They agree to do their maintenance unlike the others who entrusted to a committee of owners. To any rule there are exceptions, but the important thing is that everyone finds his account. Each story is different, there are different “housing scenarios”. The proof that the market innovates and adapts its proposals according to a new generation of tenants.

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